Our mission is to keep providing you with the best quality, best looking hats around. Here’s what you have been telling us.

“Hills hats limited is literally the best, end of story. Rosie was able to pull a hat out of thin air for me. Everything down to the background logo of the badge was up to me. Words can’t express how much I love Hills Hats and their product. If you are reading this review to decide if this is the company for you, it is. They helped this silly magician make the top hat of his dreams all with in an AMAZING price point. This is a hand made product that is 100% custom made by people that have passion and knowledge for their craft. To Rosie and the HH ccrew: Thank you, you have made me so happy. This hat expands past material desires, it represents something very special for me and I have you all to thank. I may the magician but you guys have made real magic. Thank you so much!”

- Brandon M

  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sorting out my hat adjustment. I know it was a bit of a hassle but I’m hugely grateful to you and your team putting the time and effort into making it perfect – it fits me well now! Thanks very much for your care and patience. All the best, Jim

- Jim Aimer

I’d like to let you know how stoked I am with the resurrection of my much-loved Hills Hats’ fedora. After 10-plus years of regular use it’d grown a little tight on the head and was looking slightly tired. I sent it in so get re-sized and was offered the option of having it restored while it was there. It arrived today and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Far better than I could have imagined – it’s like getting a brand new hat. I’m just absolutely stoked with it. Many thanks to everyone at Hills, particularly Rosie, the person I dealt with. It’s an excellent service and it’s made me want to buy another Hills Hat for summer. You can’t have too many really. Many, many thanks!

- Neil, New Zealand

I would like to endorse Hills Hats. My son was married in March 2015. I had purchased a pink polka dot silk bow tie and a matching handkerchief to set off my silk and linen summer suit. I wanted to wear a nice straw hat with a leather sweat band and a hat band matching the bow tie. I heard about Hills Hats from a Radio NZ National Program and went to their web site. I sent the material to them and they sewed on a a matching hat band. The hat was perfect. Absolutely the best quality. I strongly and unreservedly recommend this company if you want a quality hat. BRING BACK THE HAT!

- Ian, New Zealand

I am the proud owner of a Hills hat [oilskin Squatter], I bought it 25 plus years ago in a dodgy little town on the west coast and have continually tortured it since. We are currently travelling around the world on our moto and my faithful Hills hat is protecting me daily from hot sun and pouring rain. We are currently in Diamontina, Brasil, we have spent the last 2 years and 4 months travelling down from Alaska, we plan to be home to Wanaka approximately next May. After many years in New Zealand shooting, fishing, 4 wheeling and moto riding and now nearly 99000 km from Alaska to Brasil… plus the home torture, you guys make a great product

- Andi, New Zealand

Visited the shop today, and was blown away with the array of hats. I was spoilt for choice, and colours to choose from. Hat size wasn’t a problem, as the service included sizing of head, and if the hat was too tight it could be stretched if needed. Service was with a smile and a few giggles. Even was lucky enough to see inside of the factory. So if you are looking for a high quality hat, you better get there. We bought 3 hats, one was a straw hat with feathers, hubby got his chesse cutter and bush hat (which he won’t stop bloody wearing). But all in all a wonderful day at the Hills Hats shop

- Karen & Pete, Australia

I wanted to let you know I acquired one of your “boonie” [OPTIMUM] hats via eBay… This is quite possibly the finest “boonie” hat I have ever seen. Fit is great. Quality is top-notch. Lots of crappy “boonie” hats available here in US. I’m glad I found yours.

- Paul, USA

I love this [Tweed 7 Piece] cap. Fit is perfect… Quality is first rate. The first I have owned by Hills Hats but will certainly be buying others

- Tim, USA

To say this [Tweed Caddy Cap] is the best hat I’ve owned is an understatement. My brother has nicknamed it the “Compliment Catcher” as wherever I go I get commented on the style and look. It’s comfortable and getting softer by the day. Worth every penny.

- Christopher, USA

I bought this [Souwester] hat so that I could walk my dogs without an umbrella when it’s not pouring out, freeing my hands up from carrying an umbrella. Just love it. Definitely water resistant, still really waterproof since I have only had it for about a year. Even great in winter, as it has ear flaps (you really can’t see them) that are flannel lined. Adjustable strap keeps hat on my head on windy days here on the CT shoreline. Buying one for my friend who is a dog sitter!

- Mademoiselle De Paris, USA

I have been a “hat guy” since I was just a little kid. I collect and wear hats like women do shoes. Anyway this [Southern Tech] is the best all around summer hat I wear for almost any outdoor activity here in Wyoming. It has a nice stiff brim, and the chin strap is great for when the Wyoming wind is blowing (when is it not?) It also cleans up well, and still looks good enough for a night out on the town. If I ever wear this one out you can bet I will buy another.

- Greg, USA

Thank you for replacing the [Southern Tech] hat. I have worn the original since 1996 on many outdoor trips and it was my favorite. I lost it last year on a canoe expedition when I forgot to wear the chin strap and we overturned in some rapids. I was very happy to find the hat again at RMO [Rocky Mountain Outback].

- Roy, USA

Thanks again for your incredible customer service. The hat arrived yesterday (after ordering it Friday) and it was perfect. I’m ridiculously happy (considering it’s just a hat) thanks so much for the over and above effort you invested. Feel free to show this to your boss when it comes time to pay-rises.

- Cory, New Zealand

Hello! Kate Pierson (B-52s) has had an oil cloth haast style 248 for years and is desperate for another STORM style 3611 as they are getting old and we can’t find them here in the US — can you help!!

- Monica, USA

Have several hats from Hills and have just added a straw boater to my collection. These hats are finely crafted and though I wouldn’t have had any for longer than a year or two feel they like they will last a life time.

- Mark, New Zealand

I am trying to track down a specific hat which holds great sentimental value to my brother. He’s overseas and the hat unfortunately got misplaced (along with his bag) on a flight transfer. (His main concern, the hat.) So I’m trying my best to replace it. I have found and attached a photo of the hat I’m looking for, it’s a Hills Hats brand. Your Hats are exceptional, do you know if you stock the one attached? Or, if you know of any way I can locate at purchase it?

- Justine, Australia

I am a South African and have been fly fishing for some 50 years and have for the past 20 odd years been using Hills hats. In particular the Clutha, is the best I have ever owned. It was a great loss the day it was stolen. Attached picture shows that your hats in SA are popular amongst flyfishers. This shot was taken on one of my mountain trips into the Drakensberg range where we hike, camp for 4 or 5 days and fish the headwaters of our streams and rivers. On this particular trip 3 out of the 4 of us were wearing Hills.

- Peter, South Africa

I have been wearing my hat (The Optimum) today as summer has suddenly arrived, again unusual for Britain; clear blue skies for the third successive day and daytime temperature of 25/26C; after 3 months of heavy rain, resulting in flash floods etc., definitely not normal British weather. My hat has been rescued from the river below Iguasu Falls, Argentina, stuck back on my head to protect me from the falling cascades, squashed in cases, been in the washing machine etc and has still retained its shape and firmness, very impressed. Thank you for producing such a good hat which I need to protect my fair skin, especially after being treated for a malignant melonoma back in 1991.

- Valerie, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Hills Hats factory in Petone, Wellington, looking to add my small hat collection. I arrived unsure of exactly what I was looking for, expecting to buy something off the shelf.  Fortunately I was attended to by Simon and Rosie Smuts-Kennedy, owners of Hills Hats, who ran through some options including designing a bespoke hat.  I just loved Simon’s enthusiasm and attention to detail and had complete faith in the advice he passed on.  With their help I was able to decide on style, felt type & colour, band, bow design and lining material.

The visit concluded with a guided tour of the factory and an explanation of how my new hat was about to be crafted from beginning to end.

Being personally involved with the hat design was not something I was expecting to happen, that, and the factory tour, made for a most enjoyable morning.

Five days after visiting Hills Hats Simon, Rosie and the Hills Hats team made and had delivered to my home a beautiful bespoke chocolate brown fur felt mafia style trilby with 2 tone double bowed band and glorious multi-coloured silk lining.  I couldn’t be happier, there is no doubt that my new mafia is the star in my collection.

Thanks Simon & Rosie and the Hills Hats team.

– Brian, Auckland, New Zealand


- Justine, Australia