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The Legend of the HIlls Face Masks

As a superhero saving the world one hat at a time, Hatman is adorned in bespoke hat, suit and superhero mask collections. When the world suddenly found itself needing face masks to help protect each other, Hatman was away.
He gathered the team at Hatmosphere HQ in Petone and set out to design the ultimate statement face masks for a world of faces. The Hills Hats factory paused hat production and re-set to make face masks. How good looking could these masks be? wondered Hatman as he selected rolls of floral, houndstooth, Hawai’i denim and Kiwiana linens and cottons from the shelves.
The pattern cutting began, the Hatmosphere team working tirelessly to shape and sew a mask is easy to put on, will fit snuggly, can be worn all day and has superpower ability to be washed again for another day. And look good with hats.
Faster than a speeding train, Hatman says lets add a protective layer using our Sport X Dry lightweight technical lining to help the masks absorb moisture from people’s faces. For extra protection, we need a breathable filter to help capture bad particles, says Hatman. Easy, just add Hills non-woven hat filters as interchangable filters.
Bending paper clips through the night Hatman designs a wire clip and piping that will help the masks contour to faces. Around the sewing machines, samples were made and tested. Finally Hatman, sidekick Maggie and Headstitcher Mary reveal a Hills Face Masks prototype.
The country goes into lockdown. The machines are idle. Hatman dials in MBIE, fills in the appropriate paperwork and Hills Hats is officially approved as an Essential Service manufacturer to make Hills Face Masks in a time of need.
We live in a different world now. As lockdown eases, face masks are becoming part of our everyday life, like hats. Hills Face Masks are in full production, representing the beginning of a new legacy for the esteemed 145 year old Hatmosphere HQ. Hills Face Masks, essential statement choices. Just like hats. The Hatmosphere will always make hats, now we make masks too. Up, Up and Away Hatman. Who is that masked hero?