With the New Year comes the anual Wellington Cup Day and we all know that means its time for a fancy hat!
Hatman featured in the Dominion post this week and on the link below on Stuff.co.nz talking a bit about race day style. The races are the perfect occasion to get creative and wear something a little out of the box, there are no rules to follow so its about having fun. If its looking to be a beautiful sunny day a fancy hat with a nice wide brim is always going to be a win. Straw panama hats with a colourful ribbon are becoming more popular for the races giving a more modern look and here at Hills we have plenty to choose from. The men are far from excluded in dressing up for the races, in style with the article below for men, if you are opting for a suit jacket and shorts, a Boater hat could be the perfect way to go.


Check out the link below for all you style guide needs, be brave and try something new