Wellington’s Havana Coffee Works Duckbill Cap


Style #: 750
Brand: Hills Hats
Season: All Year
Content: 100% Jute / Hessian

Hills Hats and Wellington’s own Havana Coffee Works have collaborated together by recycling coffee sacks from around the world into a unique range of handcrafted hats for coffee lovers. Each hat is made from a random assortment of coffee sacks ensuring a variety of colours and print. A soft sweatband and cotton lining keep the hessian away from direct contact with your head.

Due to the nature of the fabric these run slightly large. If you are on the lower end of the sizing eg: 57.5cm or 58cm (large = 58/59cm) you may ask for some hat foam to be added to your order which you tuck under the sweatband to make a tighter fit or order the size medium (56/57cm) and request a small stretch to your cm sizing.

Size chart