100% Wool Tweed – Face Mask with Non-woven Filters

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Content: Fused 100% English Wool Tweed Outer (fusing 45gsm), SportX Dry Lining, Non-Woven Filters (128gsm).

Standard Size Mask: suitable for medium size heads and larger. 

Small Size Mask: suitable for medium size heads and smaller.

Size chart
  • 3 layered breathable reusable face masks with filter pocket to add extra layers.
  • Layer closest to face is a Sport XDry technical lining, a lightweight anti-bacterial, sanitised cloth with moisture wicking properties for personal hygiene.
  • Masks feature a soft nose wire concealed in the top piping to contour to face and reduce fogging of glasses.
  • Ample width so masks hug the cheeks well away from the mouth.
  • Concertina pleating, creating a rolling curve which adapts to multiple face shapes.
  • Split side straps that close at the back of the head are designed to open the mask and fit on either side of the ear, eliminating the risk of hand-to-face contact when fitting or removing as per instructions. Stops masks slipping down the face and head when wearing.
  • Velcro back closure fitting on side straps for multi-fit.
  • We recommend having a supply of multiple masks that means you can rotate and wash masks routinely.
  • Wash mask prior to use.


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