Ellen Face Mask with Non-woven Filters

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Hills Face Masks – Pack Includes Mask and 7x Non-woven Filters.

Content: Fused 100% Cotton Outer (fusing 45gsm), SportX Dry Lining, Non-Woven Filters (128gsm).

-Breathable, multi layered reusable face masks
-Two layers of non – woven fabric
-Sport X Dry technical lining, a lightweight close to skin anti-bacterial, sanitised cloth with wicking
properties for personal hygiene, absorbs moisture
-Hills non-woven filter, interchangeable, replaceable, washable
-Masks fasten at the top of the nose with a soft wire concealed in the top piping to contour to face
-The adjustable inner wire across the nose helps stop glasses fogging up
-Ample width so masks hug the cheeks well away from the mouth
-Concertina pleating, creating a rolling curve which adapts to multiple face shapes
-Masks roll under the chin offering more protection and fit
-Split side straps designed to open the mask and fit on either side of the ear, eliminating the risk of hand to
face contact when fitting or removing as per instructions, and stops masks slipping down the face and head
when wearing
-Elastic at the back of the side straps to accommodate jaw movement and closer fit
-Velcro fitting on side straps for multi-fit
-Fastening is at the back of the mask so there is no need to have your hands anywhere near your face
-Wash testing indicates the face mask can be washed and re-used frequently
-We recommend having a supply of multiple masks that mean you can rotate and wash masks routinely
-We recommend washing your mask prior to use

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